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Community Trust at Swansea City


16:22 14th May 2012

Community Trust is a non-profit making organisation backed by the Professional Footballers Association.

Promoting the positive side of football to our youngsters, while also encouraging them to support their local football club, enables us to show them the benefits of teamwork and good citizenship.

During school holidays we operate football courses to help keep our children healthy and encourage them to spend their time constructively.

Apart from our work with children, we are actively working with other groups in society such as the disabled, ethnic minorities and young offenders.

Our work makes a positive impact on our local communities and we enjoy a high profile and strong media support as part of a professional football club.

Some of the things we do include:
* Football Courses
* School Coaching
* After School Clubs
* Girls Football
* Football for Disabled People
* Support for Minority Groups
* Working with Young Offenders
* Swansea City Cygnet Club
* Matchday Visits
* Media Coverage
* Professional Player Participation
* Programme Coverage
* Regional Competitions
* Match Funding Opportunities

Swansea City Community Trust is a registered charity No 1126933.

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