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Michu answers a Real SOS back home


08:00 7th November 2012

. . . Swans star buys shares in former club

Swansea City star Michu has revealed that he has become a shareholder of his Spanish home-town club Real Oviedo in a bid to save them for extinction.
Michu answered an SOS from the Segunda B outfit this week after it was revealed that one of the country’s most historic clubs may be forced to shut its doors on a permanent basis following financial hardship and the economic crisis in Spain.
The Swans’ top scorer also revealed that another two of Real Oviedo’s famous other stars, Chelsea’s Juan Mata and Arsenal’s Santi Cazorla, have also joined him as shareholders as the former la Liga outfit desperately try and raise enough capital to survive.
Michu’s football career started at Real Oviedo, his local club in northern Spain, at the tender age of five. He remained there until he was 21, playing over 100 games, but in the Spanish third and fourth tiers after money problems saw them slip down the leagues.
Although he eventually left to join Celta Vigo in 2007, Rayo Vallecano and then the Swans in the summer, his love for his local club has remained as strong as ever.
“Myself, Mata and Cazorla have all bought shares, but it would be wrong of me to say how much,’’ declared Michu. “We just wanted to try and help save the club we all played for.
“The economy in Spain is very bad and the club needs around two million euros to survive. A lot of people have bought shares and hopefully it will be enough by the closing date of November 17.
“It’s my local club, a club I love, so I hope it will be enough.
“Swansea fans should know how much it means to me and the Oviedo supporters. I remember reading up on the history of Swansea when I first arrived here; I remember reading how the Swansea supporters bought shares in this club when it was in trouble 10 years ago - and again many years before that.
“And look at the club now; in the Premier League and winning at places like Anfield. Hopefully this SOS can have a similar reaction.’’
Anyone interested in contributing to the fighting fund can buy shares for around 11 euros.
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